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The Magical Art of Howard Ross

Through special arrangement, The Caryl Fleming Ring is proud to feature the magic art of Howard Ross on our website.

And now, a word from the Artist himself...


My name is Howard Ross. I am a painter in Toronto, Canada (and a terrible amateur magician). Several years ago I had an exhibition of paintings all about magicians.

If you, or anyone you know (magician or not) might be interested in purchasing one of my paintings, please contact me via email or visit my website and click on IMAGES, then MAGIC.

Take care,

Howard Ross

P.S. Recently, I connected with Joshua Jay who loved my work and bought one for himself.


Nothing Here

Nothing Here 51cm x 42cm $900

Rabbit in Hat #1

Rabbit in Hat #1, 51cm x 42cm $900

Rabbit in Hat #2

Rabbit in the Hat #2, Oil on wood, 51cm x 42cm $900

Pigeon from Nowhere

Pigeon From Nowhere 55cm x 80cm $1300

Magician #2

Magician #2 20cm x 15cm $300

Burned and Restored Envelope

Burned & Restored Envelope 55cm x 80cm $1300

Howard Ross is a painter based in Toronto, Canada. He completed a degree in history and political science at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He then returned to Toronto where he attended the Ontario College of Art. His last year at the college was spent in Florence, Italy. Inspired by this experience, Howard returned to Italy where he lived and painted for several more years. He also travelled extensively during this time, visitng north Africa, the Middle East, and much of Europe. For the last 10 years, he has lived in Toronto.

Howard's philosophy is simple: Art is an exploration into the mysteries and beauty of life, a voyage of discovery as to who we are.