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Join in the Tradition of Hollywood Legends

Membership Advantages

Becoming a member of Hollywood Ring 21 has its advantages. As well as experiencing, learning, sharing, and being in the company of fellow prestidigitators, you'll get:

  • Camaraderie of Monthly Meetings
  • Learn New Tricks, Tips & Routines
  • Exposure to "What's New in Magic"
  • FREE Access to 300+ Video Library
  • Annual Picnic, Auction & Banquet
  • Opportunity to Perform Your Magic
  • Monthly Raffles
  • Trick-of-the-Month Demonstrations
  • Video-of-the-Month Demonstrations
  • Click HERE for Online Membership Application!

    Current yearly dues are $35 for the first year and $30 thereafter. Annual dues are paid each October. We will of course gladly pro-rate your dues based upon the month you join.

    "Rabbit in Hat #1"
    Courtesy Howard Ross


    Our Magical Heritage

    Chester Morris, Boston Blackie in the 1940s B-movie serial.
    Reported August 10, 1946 in Goodlife's ABRACADABRA

    Friday, July 26, 1946, Hotel Alexandria
    "The evening afforded one of the most elaborate magical shows ever staged on the West Coast. "The Stars of Magic," as it was called, opened with the world's youngest illusionist, William Larsen, Jr., .....and Chester Morris, star of stage, screen and radio, gave his impersonation of Dante doing the lazy magician."

    Pacific Coast Association of Magicians Eleventh Annual Convention, Los Angeles, CA

    Application Process

    Membership is two-fold. You must be a member of International Brotherhood of Magicians ("International") in order to become a member of a local group (Ring) such as the Caryl Fleming Ring.

    Step One
    Click on the "International Application" link below to print to open a new window to print the International membership application. Fill out this application prior to attending our meeting. Two of our members will sponsor your membership. You must have two signatures prior to submitting your application.

    You must remit this form with an application fee to International in St. Louis.

    Step Two
    Click on the "Ring 21 Application" link below to fill-out the online membership application form for Ring 21. This will allow us to receive your information. You can pay the application fee once you International membership is accepted.

    IBM Membership Applications

    Click Link BELOW for a Printable International Application


    Click Link BELOW for Ring 21's Online Application


    Famous Members

    Bev Bergeron
    Ben Chavez
    David Copperfield
    Nani Darnell
    Arnold Furstenberg
    Caryl S. Fleming
    Gerald Kosky
    William W. Larsen, Sr.
    Eric C. Lewis
    George McAthy
    Chester Morris
    The Great Leon
    Harold E. Robbins
    George Sands
    Merv Taylor
    Floyd G. Thayer
    Mark Wilson

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