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Amazing Magical Links

The links found on this page are provided as a courtesy to those interested in the art of magic by Ring 21. We make no claim for the contents, publication, or maintenance of these sites, but provide them purely for your enjoyment.

Please note: a new browser window will open once you click on any one of these links.

Why not start with the Optical Illusions link found below? It's fun and you can save them for use as hand-outs to kids.

Optical Illusions


BONUS: If you visit the "Flash Minder Reader" and would like to know the SECRET, click on the soothsayer above.

Magician Painter Howard Ross' Extraordinary Magic Art

"Rabbit in Hat #2"

Howard Ross is a painter and amateur magician based in Toronto, Canada. We are pleased to display his unique and compelling magic art on the Caryl Fleming Ring 21 website.

Click on the "Rabbit in Hat" image to the left or on the link below in order to view more of Mr. Ross' artwork.

Howard Ross' Artworks



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