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Performance Night! 2014

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Performance Night
Start Time: 7:00pm
Thursday, March 6, 2014
"Perform Your Favorite Trick on Video!"
We want "Tah Dah" moments; Red silk to Blue, One rope now becomes three, Doves, floating tables, vanishes, flash, pow; anything quick and to the magical point !
 We are hoping to videotape your performance which should be well rehearse in advanced. NO NEW PERFORMANCES, NO MENTALISM, NO BOOK TESTS, MATH MAGIC or LONG DRAWN OUT STORIES ABOUT THE HISTORY or PRE-HISTORY OF A TRICK YOU ARE ABOUT TO PERFORM!!!
We need to show future clients that we have a variety of magicians and magic to offer for school performances and other fund raising events. So, its easier to show a variety of "TAH DAH" Moments to demostrate what our group can do and to get people excited to see the rest of our acts! We hope to videotape your performance "Tah Dah" moments and you can still perform your act or routine for the Ring 21 audience.
When we shoot video of your act and if something messes up during it, we can reshoot it! However the more reshoots will take more time to reset and less time for others to perform. So, please know your material and don't try any brand new tricks at this time.
If you need any other special equipment or other questions answered, please let Robert know.
Have Questions?:
Robert de la Guerra, President (818) 269-8917
Please Join Us for a very Magical Evening of Fun!
Hollywood IBM Ring 21
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