International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 21 Charter

International Brotherhood Of Magicians Ring 21 Charter

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We want to personally extend an invitation to you to attend a meeting of the Hollywood Ring #21…the Caryl Fleming Ring!

Your Ring Membership is Wanted, Needed, and Appreciated!
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We welcome all fellow conjurers and gladly provide information via email, telephone or you may view meeting information and a map link on our “events” page.

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The Great Leon In The Early Days

The Great Leon in his early days!

Famous Members:
Bev Bergeron
Ben Chavez
David Copperfield
Nani Darnell
Arnold Furstenberg
Caryl S. Fleming
Gerald Kosky
William W. Larsen, Sr.
Eric C. Lewis
George McAthy
Chester Morris
The Great Leon
Harold E. Robbins
George Sands
Merv Taylor
Floyd G. Thayer
Mark Wilson


Did you know…The word Abracadabra comes from the Hebrew expression ‘I create as I speak.’ A variation of these words exist throughout the Jewish scriptures. Apparently, whenever God is about to create something, he will announce the creation beforehand.