Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of IBM Ring 21. Please remember you must first join the national IBM and pay their current membership fee, then you can join and pay Ring 21’s membership fee. You cannot be a member of Ring 21 without becoming a member of the IBM National organization. Although you are still welcome to attend meetings!

To complete the application process for the national IBM please click here!

You can apply to the local IBM 21 Ring using the form below.

Becoming a member of Hollywood Ring 21 has its advantages. As well as experiencing, learning, sharing, and being in the company of fellow prestidigitation, you’ll get:

Camaraderie of Monthly Meetings
Learn New Tricks, Tips & Routines
Exposure to “What’s New in Magic”
FREE Access to 300+ Video Library
Annual Banquet
Opportunity to Perform Your Magic
Monthly Raffles
Trick-of-the-Month Demonstrations
Video-of-the-Month Demonstrations and more!

Yearly dues are $35.

Membership dues and payment instructions will be sent to you after your application has been reviewed and approved. Annual dues thereafter are paid each October.